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Life of a logo

Here is a great post from Christian Annyas where he looks at the lifespan of Saul Bass’ logos. Average lifespan of 34 years. Incredible really.

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Feng Shui Photo Art Anyone?

A photo site with a difference.

Robert Fretwell is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience.

Robert employed a Feng Shui consultant to come to his studio in the early years of his career and was amazed by the changes in feeling about the space and the increase in finances which resulted. He also had the Feng Shui consultant assess his home and was inspired by conversations regarding developing specific artworks that could be used to support key intention for an enriching life, and thus Feng Shui Photo Art was conceived.

Robert came to us to design with new website focussed on his photography with a strong Feng Shui component. Taking on his knowledge of Feng Shui we designed and HTML 5 site around Feng Shui principals.

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Right 2 Childhood

The erosion of childhood is becoming a social and cultural trend of great concern to child development experts as well as the broader community. Commercialisation, sexualisation, body image dissatisfaction and over exposure to violent imagery are some of the key factors.

Right 2 Childhood is a new parenting seminar focused on the erosion of childhood. In designing this site I wanted to capture the innocence of children playing outside. Some of my most fond memories of childhood are just playing outside. Nothing was needed, just the grass, the air and sunshine.

Australia Here We Come

Australia Here We Come is probably the fastest growing Migration Agency in Australia today.

Seamus Taffe from Australia Here We Come asked us to build a new website to service a rapidly growing client base.

Moore & Moore: Innovative, Inspiring Wallpapers

I just finished coding up a lovely site devoted to the most beautiful of wallpapers. Moore & Moore wallpaper. The site was designed by Rose @ RGC, a really nice clean design, totally in keeping with the quality of the wallpaper.

My favourite flower, is the Australian flannel flower, so I was completely taken by the flannel flower design, though the others are just as beautiful.

Established by former lifestyle journalist and marketing consultant, Lynne Testoni, Moore & Moore launched in 2010 with our classic collection. All our wallpapers are Australian made and designed, offering a uniquely modern and Australian twist.

Coincidently Lynne & I crossed paths before when she was head of marketing at BIG W. The site uses a lightweight JQuery slider and has a downwards compatibility all the way to IE 6, which is about as far back as anyone goes these days.

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Logos & meaning

Sol Design Logo

I think I was about 16 when I first started thinking about what I might do with myself after school. Like most young people, I looked at what I was good at school, and really, it was only two things, science and art. Feeling that these two areas of competency were mutually exclusive, I figured that I had little choice but to one or the other. So while tossing up going to university and studying science or art school to do fine arts, I had a chance meeting a friend who had just started studying design. It seemed I had found that marriage of the two things I was good at.

Fast forward about 10 years, I had completed my design degree and was doing freelance design work under my own name. My colleagues were telling me it was time to get serious and to start my own company.

Designing a logo for oneself is a great deal harder than doing one for a client. It all comes form the lack of objectivity. I kept returning to the sun.

Some inspiration from King Crimson