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Lifetime Health

Lifetime Health contacted us for a design for their new online store. An important market for LH is the asian consumer, so this site has to be multi-lingual and appealing to asian & Australian customers.

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Gourmet Gold

The best Coffee in Sydney period!

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Thompsons Roller Shutters

Thompsons Roller Shutters have secured openings in factories, warehouses and commercial premises since 1927. They had commissioned a design for a website, however the build was never completed. We took on the job and converted the existing design to a fully function WordPress website.

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Generation Next

Generation Next is an exciting new initiative featuring a national seminar series and supporting resources aimed at protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers.

Generation Next has an extremely popular blog with many thousands of readers. It features robust caching and CDN functionality.

Building Services Engineers

Building Services Engineers (BSE), an Australian owned company, offers a comprehensive range of expertise spanning the entire building project’s life cycle. From pre-purchase inspection, design and construction through to future building adaptations, our multi-disciplinary engineers work to deliver your project with timeliness and quality. Established in 1994 by Principal Andrew Fraser, BSE has a proven track record in all Australian states and territories and across Australasia.

BSE management & staff were a pleasure to work with. Check out the new website »

Scenar Therapies

Sister site to

This is the big brother of the ENAR. It is the professional device for practitioners, rather than end users. This site has a similar theme and navigation, but content is more focussed on the professional user.

ITS Trenchless Website

Under our Feet

ITS Trenchless work under our feet. Have you ever wondered about the mass of pipes, wires, services & structures under our modern cities? Whenever one of the pieces of infrastructure needs servicing roads have to be dug up and the life of the city gets disrupted.

ITS Trenchless, like their names says, are able to do this kind of servicing without digging up the road. Using technologies like Swagelining and Sliplining, has made ITS Trenchless one of the innovators in this field.

Its amazing the things you learn while building websites.

This build was a three part team effort. Production & photography by TVU; design by the inimitable Simon @ Beloved Pictures and website & CMS by Sol Design.

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Pain Relief

New site, new functionality, new online store

Enlightened Therapies, the company behind the ENAR Therapy Device has been a client of ours for nearly a decade. We did their first website in the early 2000s and this year we completely revamped their website to introduce a comprehensive CMS and an online store.

Within hours of the new being live, they had already made several sales with the new online store.

Paul Keetley, ET’s Managing Director said this:

“We are very excited and delighted with your efforts on our very rebuilt website.

As a management and marketing consultant in my own business for 23 years
I am not easily moved to express satisfaction. Your work has far exceeded our hopes.

Website design and construction is both an art and a skill and so to capture and
create a web experience that is both delightful and easy for the user is extraordinary.

Your input as an expert with an oblique view and ability to simplify our design is
so that, as is the highest ideal: “Good design is invisible” and the Journey is tops.
You are very well across the latest in website technology, construction and use.

More than that, your willingness to suggest, design and supply solutions that are
by nature more difficult to add or build shows your sincere Value Adding attitude.

Also your in-house website training session for our team was really empowering.”

Seaview Systems

A solid industry reputation deserving an image upgrade

Geoff Cook, Operations Manager from Seaview Systems in Michigan contacted us with the the task of upgrading their online image. Seaview Systems is a rapidly expanding underwater services company highly regarded in the industry. Trouble was, they were so busy with operations that their website was left lagging behind.

That’s were we came in, we designed an built a new website with a CMS and an updated image more in keeping with their rapidly rising position in the industry. As Mr Cook said …

‘Many of our potential clients aren’t technically savvy, but are dealing with a very technical industry. We needed a clean, modern website, that did not overwhelm with detail on the surface but instilled confidence with the client that we are the people that can solve their problems. I also wanted to have the speed and flexibility for the SeaView Systems team to be able to add content ourselves – easily and economically.

‘During the site design and development process, Sol Design were responsive to my needs and changing requirements. The progress was quick and the response from our clients to has been overwhelmingly positive.’

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Long Build

I first quoted on producing this website over a year ago. Another site designed by RGC, I thought this would be straight forward build taking approx. six weeks. It finally launched this month after a protracted 13 month build. Part of the reason this site took so long to build was the lack of off-the-shelf software to fit the rather unique requirements of the client. In the end we created a custom back-end software solution that did the job. Though you don’t get to see how cool it is from the front end, it is something that we’re really proud of.

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