96th Miracle
Behaqie in the Dalail-ul-Nabuwat and Ibn-i-Saad in the Tabqat have a tradition of Bazar – that Hamza requested the prophet to be shown Gabriel in his real form. The prophet said he won't be able to bear the site. Hamza said he might be kindly shown – the prophet told him to sit down and he sat down. Gabriel descended upon Kaaba and Hamza was told to look and he did so. Gabriel's person was like deep green emerald and Hamza became senseless at the sight of him.

139th Miracle
Behaqie, Tibrani and Ibn-Abu-Shaiba have a tradition that Habib-bin-Fudaik's father had the opacity of the cornea and became totally blind. The prophet breathed prayer on the eyes and they became perfectly cured. The reporter states that he saw the old man threading in the eye of the needle when he reached the seventieth.

144th Miracle
Behaqie and Ibn-i-Ishaq have a tradition that on the day of Badar Jonaib-bin-Yusuf got sword cuts on both of his shoulders so much that one side of his body hung down. The prophet replaced the dangling portion and breathing prayer on it, reunited it to the main body. – This miracle was shown in the brunt of the battle and Jonaib shortly after his wound was healed killed the enemy that had inflicted it.

191st Miracle
In the Sahihain there is a tradition of Jabir, that in the battle of Hodeibya the people became thirsty, and that there was a Jug of water before the prophet, out of which he performed the ablution. the people coming to him said that there was no water in the camp for them to drink or to wash except what was in his Jug. He then put his hand into the pot, and the water began to gush out from his fingers like so many jets; so that we all drank water and washed ourselves also. Jabir was asked how many men were they; he said if there were a lac it would have still sufficed them, but we were only five and ten hundred men there. The Miracle performed by Moses in producing water-spouts from a lock by hitting it with his sceptre is far inferior to this miracle of our prophet; because a rock is a thing emitting water, as says the Lord, "Some stones are such as streams come out of them," and that "Some rocks split and water issues out of them", compared with flesh and skin. Hence the coming of water out of the fingers is more wonderful than that out of the rock.

168th Miracle
Abu Naim has a tradition of Osman that once they were in the confines of Sham, where there was a famous witch, they went to visit her and inquired of her about their journey. She said she could not then see anything, for the spirit that was her associate and told her all she asked him one day came to her door and said he was parting with her, and that when she asked him the reason of his act he said that Mohammad had appeared and with him such things were beyond control.

184th Miracle
Behaqie has a tradition of Fatima bint Abdulla, mother of Osman-bin-Abi-Alaas, that she was present at the time of the birth of the prophet, and that she saw the whole house was full of light, and that the stars had come near as if they would, she supposed, fall down to the earth.

151st Miracle
Behaqie and Ibu-i-Adi have a tradition of Anas, that a young Nestorian, whose mother was old and blind, died; they covered him with a sheet and began to console his mother who asked them if her son was dead and they replied in the affirmative. She said, "Oh God! if thou knowest that I have sojourned for thy sake and for the sake of thy prophet, with the hope that those shouldst succour me in all my distresses, then do not throw this trouble upon me." Anas says, "we all were present there that the dead threw aside the cover from off his face and became well and he and we all ate and dined together." – This miracle was one of the raising of the dead of the prophet that by the blessing of his name one of his aged followers quickened the dead.

134th Miracle
Bukhari has a tradition of Yazeed-bin-Abi-Ubaid that he saw the effects of a wound in the leg of Salma-bin-Aquwaa, whom he asked the nature of the hurt, and he said that he had received the injury on the day of Khyber war, that the people took him as if dead because of the seriousness of the wound as fatal, that he went to the prophet who breathed thrice prayerfully upon the injured part and it became all right and cured.

192nd Miracle
In Sahihain of Bukhari is a tradition of Barae-bin-Azab, "We were fourteen hundred men with the prophet at the well of Hudaibya of which the water we all had drawn out to the last drop. When the report of this came to the prophet, he went to the well and, sitting on its edge, sent for some water in a pot and washed and then gargled and then praying, threw the water in the well and ordered to let it stand for a while. So in the well the water strained so abundantly that the whole army and animals kept using and drinking it to their fill till the day they broke their camp from there. – In the former tradition Jabir says there were Hudaibya 1,500 men and in this Barae-bin-Azab says they were 1,400. The difference is an approximation, that is they were above 1,400 and below 1,500. They encamped at Hudaibya for 20 days.

150th Miracle
Behaqie, Ahmad and Ibn-i-Abi Shaiba have a tradition of Abu Abbas that a woman brought her son who was crazy to the prophet who moved his hand over his chest which caused the lad to vomit great effort and there came out of his stomach something like a black cur of a dog and he became quite well.

88th Miracle
In Sabihain of Muslim is a tradition of Ibn-i-Abbas that on the day of Badar that a Muslim was running after an infidel. On a sudden he heard the crack of a whip and the voice of a horseman saying be quick, Haizoom; the infidel fell flat before him and broke his nose and mouth by the smack of the whip, and that whole spot became green. The man Muslim was a Nestorian who related the occurrence before a prophet, who told him he was right, the man was the angel of help of the third heaven. – Haizoom is the name of the angel's horse.

89th Miracle
Ibn-Ishaq and Behaqie city a tradition from Abu Waaqid Laisi that he in the day of Badar darted to kill a fugitive infidel and that before his sword had reached the runner's head it fell down itself. And Hakim, Behaqie, and Abu Naeem have a tradition of Sahal-bin-Huneef that on the day of Badar they saw that the head of infidel fell to the ground just as they had balanced their swords to deal him a cut. – This was because the angels killed the infidels in Badar on behalf of the Muslims.

197th Miracle
Behaqie and Hakam have a tradition Omar that in a journey on a crusade the people felt thirsty. Omar asked the prophet to pray to God for water, he prayed and instantly a cloud came and rained so much that the need of the people was satisfied. – Some commentation of the traditions have written that this miracle was performed in the battle of Badar

170th Miracle
Bazar, Abu Naim and Ibn-Saad have a tradition of Jubeer-bin-Mutem that before the exaltation of Mohammad as the prophet they were sitting near an idol in the village of Buwana where a camel was killed as a sacrifice to the idol. Suddenly there came out of the belly of that idol a voice as someone saying, "Be careful, and hearken to the wonderful thing, the over-hearing of the heavenly by the genii is done away with owing to the coming down of inspiration and the genii are beaten with flames on account of the advent of a prophet at Mecca, whose name is Ahmad and the place of his sojourn is Yasrab." Juber says they got up from there astounded, and the news of Mohammad's prophecy got into the air a few days after.

171th Miracle
Abu-i-Shahin, etc, the traditionalists have recorded that Zahab-bin-Haras said, "I had a spirit as a friend, who told me of secret news. One day he came to me and I asked him something and he lured at me and said, Zabab, hear a wonderful thing. Mohammad has risen in Mecca with a book from God and he calls people to the truth, but the people do not obey." He then told him what he said and he replied in differently, "Thou shalt understand these things some other time", and saying this he went away. Not long after, the news of the prophecy of Mohammad reached him &c;. Similar to this story, Muru-bin-Abi Shaiba has a tradition of Jamuh-bin-Osmau Ghafari, that a wizard there was of the clan of Gaffur, whom his chum, a devil, also left and bid adieu.

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